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Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
I am way over the age of 18 and 21 and any other legal age that you can imagine.

I am a relatively boring person, who chooses to live vicariously through the characters in the fanfic that I write.

While I love the Harry Potter books, my obsession seems to be with the Marauders--Remus and Sirius in particular. I'll ship Remus/Sirius equally with Remus/Tonks; Remus/Sirius is just so incredibly HOT, but I love the idea of multicoloured werewolf cubs with Remus/Tonks. Oh, heck--I'll read Remus/anybody. Okay, the one with McGonagall was really not right.

As a result of my obsession with all things Lupin, I have developed a huge appreciation for David Thewlis. I know many people don't see him as the perfect Lupin, but, Good Lord! the man can ACT! And he has amazing, beautiful, long, elegant fingers... Sorry. Got distracted there...

I love other books as well: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, anything by Jane Austen, Mercedes Lackey, Neil Gaiman, Dick Francis, Anne McCaffrey, and Katherine Kurtz. I also like Dave Duncan, David Gemmell, Cornelia Funke (I am just discovering the Inkheart series, which is fabulous!) and I loved David Thewlis' book -- even if I wonder about his sanity...

I teach kindergarten and, subsequently, have terrible stress headaches at times. (But I do love the little rugrats, really!)

I have an 13-yr.-old son who I really don't deserve to have (he is such a good kid!) and a husband who doesn't quite understand my obsession with my laptop.

As for the dogs underfoot? Two weiner dogs and a chow/collie mix make it impossible to move in our house. Just so you know!
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